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About Miracle dry cleaning and laundry

The Miracle Dry Cleaning was founded with it's first store in the Kensington - London, specialising in high quality, service led dry cleaning

We are dedicated to helping you achieve a quality lifestyle by taking the most dreaded chore of ironing and laundry cleaning off your to-do list. As we handle mainly household items, it gives us the edge to handle large volumes of laundry and dry cleaning all year round without discounting on efficiency, reliability and hygiene.

Our commitment to continual investment in technology, staff training and improved customer focus ensures that our clients receive the best possible quality, service and support.

Our highly experienced team understands the complexities and challenges of treating fabrics in the correct manner. If it's made of fabric - we clean it, press it, repair it and alter it!

Besides collecting, cleaning and laundry delivery, we also provides on-site services like curtains removal and installation, sofa cleaning, bedding disinfection, and carpet shampooing.

Now is the time to live freely. Take your time back and call us to handle your laundry and dry cleaning needs.

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